While technology is playing a pivotal role in all major industries, Meridian web design Kuwait understands that security is of high priority for the healthcare industry. Keeping this in mind, we have experienced and highly qualified medical mobile app developers who are also industry experts.

Once we listen to your healthcare app need, our healthcare mobile app developers brainstorm to build the right strategy. Through these articulated frameworks, we provide optimal healthcare solutions.

We build healthcare apps for Android, IOS, Windows and Web platforms. We design, build and integrate wide range of healthcare mobile apps and wearable. Our healthcare mobile apps services include,

  • On-site patient care
  • Integrating on-demand healthcare app features
  • Booking appointments
  • Clinical management
  • Finding nearby hospitals and pharmaceuticals
  • Integrate apps for Apple’s Health Kit, Care Kit and Research Kit
  • Check and update your medical insurance
  • View lab results and medical information and share them
  • Create patient’s personal health history portals
  • Integrate medical devices and softwares into mobile apps
  • Record medical consumptions
  • Creating customized healthcare functionalities that can be integrated in EHR
  • Tracking patient activities