Tired of eating out at lunch? Miss the good old days when you carried your lunch box and you got that smell of mouth watering food when you opened it? Yes, but lazy to carry your lunch box? This is where Meridian web design Kuwait awesome dabba wala app inspired from the famous Dabba walas of Mumbai, comes in. We will collect the food from your homes and deliver it to your office space. Office food delivery app is also one of our areas of expertise. We will help you eat healthy and stay healthy.

Through our years of experience we’ve specialised in creating unique and innovative mobile applications for our customers. The awesome team will deliver agile mobile solutions time bound and will meet the world-class standards.

Features of Dabba wala App Kuwait

The agents will ensure that you get your food on-time. The tracker will give you the live status.
Since every activities are recorded on the app and is tracked real-time, no more confusions of any sort.
The user can quickly login by using social media, phone number or email id. This will further improve user experience.
We develop brilliant user interface which takes the user through the sections effortlessly.
You can book your entry through a few clicks and swipes and the estimated delivery time will be visible.
Monthly and yearly subscription packages can be chosen in order to get discounts and offers.
You can schedule your booking the previous day or before a week to ensure that you don’t forget.
Rate your app with the experience you had with it. Leaving your review will be of great importance for future users.