Meridian Web Design Kuwait is the trusted AWS Consulting Partner in Kuwait to build & manage robust apps with auto-scaling & balancing. Amazon offers web services in the form of IT infrastructure services for public use right from 2004. Otherwise known as cloud computing, Amazon Web Services provides a low-cost, scalable, and highly reliable infrastructure platform in the cloud. Global businesses have adapted to this platform and today Amazon Web Services has its presence in far-flung regions that include the Asia Pacific, European Union, North America, South America, Canada, China, etc. In all these locations the system is robust and secured against the impact of outages or other glitches.

AWS features

Amazon EC2 – Elastic virtual servers in the cloud

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) – Scalable storage in the cloud

Amazon Aurora – High-performance managed relational database

Amazon DynamoDB – Managed NoSQL database

Amazon RDS – Managed relational database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and MariaDB

AWS Lambda – Run code without thinking about servers

Amazon VPC – Isolated cloud resources

Amazon Lightsail – Launch and manage virtual private servers

Amazon SageMaker – Build, train, and deploy machine learning models at scale.

Businesses avail Amazon Web Services due to its many advantages like:
As a very durable and secure technology platform, Amazon web services ensures the safety and integrity of your data.There are several layers of physical and operational security at the Amazon’s data centers & AWS also conducts regular audits to ensure the security of its infrastructure.
AWS has put in place the best security practices and it also provides documentation on how to deploy the security features. Apart from that AWS provides ‘end to end’ privacy and security integrity, and confidentiality of your data all the while ensuring its availability.
In AWS pricing there are no long-term commitments or advance expenses. AWS provides low and ‘pay as you go’ pricing and customers get the benefits of cost savings. AWS provides lower prices as it manages and builds global infrastructure at scale.
In AWS you consume only as much storage or computing power as required and there is no need for advance investment. Only minimum expenditure is involved. With the flexibility of the Amazon Web Services it is possible to achieve the correct balance between the requirements and allocation of resources maximizing return on investment (ROI).
The flexibility of AWS is that you can terminate availing cloud services whenever you want to or scale down or scale up as required. It’s a fully self-service experience online.
Working on the cloud allows you to get new resources immediately. As the cloud empowers you to respond rapidly to small or large changes, you can reduce costs and drive revenues by taking on new opportunities. Get access to unlimited computing resources, bandwidth, or storage with AWS!
The choice of operating systems and languages is not an issue for the Amazon web services platform. You select the programming model or development platform that can be the most beneficial for your business. AWS gives you the flexibility to select the services (one or more) you want to use and how to use them. With this flexibility you can focus more on innovation than infrastructure.
As AWS is a global platform the existing programming languages, architectures, operating systems and databases can be used and there won’t be any need for your IT personnel to pick up new skills. Following this overall time to market and productivity will improve.
Legacy apps can be easily migrated to the cloud. It is cost-effective as well as there is no need to rewrite apps. The advanced capabilities of computing can be used to move legacy apps to AWS cloud. Also you can migrate discrete components of legacy apps which themselves are self-contained apps with not many internal dependencies, to move SOA-based solutions to the cloud.
Be it a production solution or prototype of an app you want, AWS helps you increase productivity, once you get started. This flexibility of AWS has been the reason, a number of customers improve their time to market.
The huge global cloud infrastructure of AWS makes it the ideal platform that lets you repeat, experiment, and innovate quickly. As per demand, you can quickly scale up or scale down and apart from that, instead of waiting months for hardware you can use new apps.
AWS is a platform where you can rapidly add or subtract resources in line with customer demand and manage costs more effectively. Resource provisioning in advance for projects with short lifetimes and variable consumption rate can also be avoided.
Pay only as per your usage, notwithstanding whether you deploy thousands of virtual servers or only one and whether you need them 24/7 or for only a few hours daily.
AWS has elasticity – the ability to scale computing resources downwards or upwards without difficulty and very little friction. Instead of buying hardware, setting it up, and maintaining it to allot resources to apps, you can use AWS to allot resources through API calls.
In case of an unpredicted increase and decrease in demand, auto-scaling and elastic load balancing can scale up and scale down Amazon cloud-based resources automatically. For jobs recurring at regular intervals, mission critical jobs & short term jobs, the AWS cloud proves highly useful.