إن تطوير تطبيقات الهاتف المحمول هو الإجراء أو التطبيق الذي يتم تطوير تطبيقات أجهزة الهاتف المحمول مثل المساعدات الرقمية الشخصية والمساعدات الرقمية المؤسسية أو الهواتف المحمولة.

تسمح تطبيقات الهاتف المحمول للمستخدمين وجود إمكانية وصول سهلة وفعالة للمعلومات والمنتجات والخدمات والعمليات المختلفة التي يحتاجون إليها بشكل فوري وبسهولة في متناول يدهم.

لقد اصبحت تطبيقات الهاتف المحمول مطلوبة بشدة هذه الأيام! يستخدم جميع الأشخاص من مختلف الفئات ملايين التطبيقات يوميًا للاستخدام اليومي والتجاري. يتم تصميم تطبيقات الهاتف المحمول لاستخدامها أثناء التنقل وقد تكون مصممة بشكل بسيط للغاية أو معقد على حسب وظيفتها المستقبلية.

هل لديك فكرة لإنشاء تطبيق جديد؟ كل ما تحتاج إليه هو شريك تقني لتوفير الحلول التي تجعل حلمك يصبح حقيقة بأفضل طريقة ممكنة.

Mobile Application Development

We’re highly proficient in engineering custom-built Android, iOS, and Windows mobile apps that all incorporate all of your essential & custom-tailored business requirements at affordable rates.

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Android App Development

Reach more customers on popular Android mobile devices using Meridian end-to-end android mobile app development, integration, implementation, and support services.

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iOS App Development

We help businesses to stand out and reach more business goals using iOS mobile app development tools

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Flutter App Development

We engineer mobile applications, such as Windows-based IoT consumer and industrial mobile apps, by leveraging the power of Microsoft.

Mobile Application Platforms

Our mobile app development experts create cross-platform, native, and hybrid apps using best practices and the best tools.


Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Our custom-tailored cross-platform mobile apps are built with many custom tailored features and functions that optimize the user experience.

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Native Mobile App Development

We build high-performance, secure, and intuitive native mobile applications to provide the ultimate user experience, help businesses improve their conversion rates, and boost customer loyalty.

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Hybrid Mobile App Development

We create hybrid mobile apps using the PhoneGap framework, built with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, to allow businesses to reach more customers on any mobile device.

Mobile Application Design & Development Services

We manage the entire lifecycle of the mobile application development process, providing best-in-class UX/UI designs, deployment best practices, and temporary support.

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Enterprise Mobile App Development

We build enterprise mobile applications that meet security and reliability requirements for larger organizations to increase productivity, streamline workflows, and provide greater visibility & control.

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UX/UI Design & Development

We enhance your existing mobile application’s look, feel, and functionality by integrating custom features and creating new designs to improve aesthetics, navigation, and mobile responsiveness.

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Mobile App Support & Maintenance

We provide temporary support & maintenance after developing and deploying your mobile app, ensuring that it performs at optimal conditions on all devices and that no errors are present.

Custom-Tailored Mobile Apps

We specialize in creating custom mobile application solutions for startups, enterprise-size businesses to streamline their workflows, utilizing the latest application development technologies.

GPS & GIS Capabilities

We implement GPS and GIS capabilities into existing applications, enabling added location, navigation, tracking, mapping, and timing functionalities.

Camera Access

We add camera accessibility to your existing mobile application, access, and submit photos or videos directly from the app.

Haptics Technology

We implement haptics technologies into your custom mobile application, enabling users to touch, in virtual environments.